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Does the HA failover standby tunnel consume license?



I have an understanding that one physical AP, would consume a AP license, and if avialable will consume one PEFNG and RFProtect each. 


let me say, i have a master controller with 50 LAP, PEFNG and RFProtect. and i have a local controller with no any license on it. I have enabled centralized licensing. 


I have configured the HA fast failover, with the master as active and the local as standby. lets say the master houses exactly 50 APs on it, with no more free licenses left. 


Will the standby tunnel with the local consume license?


Will the failover work, if the master would go down? 




Re: Does the HA failover standby tunnel consume license?

No, the failover controller will not consume licenses in that scenario.  


Also, APs that fail to another controller (VRRP, backup LMS, or HA) will be allowed to connect to another controller even if there appears to be 0 licenses left.  The failover controller will allow them to connect up.    If an AP is rebooted (not failing over), it may have difficulty connecting to the failover controller until licenses are freed up.

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Re: Does the HA failover standby tunnel consume license?

If you were to deisgn it by using local as the active and master as the standby then your failover will work if your local is down else you may need an additional controller to act as Backup master for your design to work.

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