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Dual Antenna AP-93H?

Hello everyone,


I was just wondering if a dual antenna AP-93H is in the pipeline. We are using the AP-93H in our dorms but have to keep the AP set to 2.4GHz for compatibility issues with older hardware.


It would be nice if this model could broadcast both 2.4 and 5 at the same time.


Anyone have any connections at Aruba?

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Re: Dual Antenna AP-93H?

You want an AP-105. Same type than AP93, but dual-radio.
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Re: Dual Antenna AP-93H?

We do use the 105s in the classroom but main advantage of the AP-93h is that they are built for dorm rooms. They are designed to attach directly to the wall in a dorm room where the ethernet cable is and also provides 4 ethernet ports that a student can plug in to. The AP-105 has no where near this functionality.

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Re: Dual Antenna AP-93H?

Contact your Aruba SE. They should be able to give you some info.

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Re: Dual Antenna AP-93H?

I bealive that the AP 93 will be replaced with AP 103... and im expecting a 103H at the same price of the 93H and also on instant version with unlimited cluster...




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