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Duplicate AP with controller IP address



I am facing a strange behaviour on my WiFi controllers :


  • 2 x Aruba WiFi Controller 7240XM
    • Version (same for AP)
    • Controller 1, @IP =
    • Controller 2, @IP =
    • HA Mode Dual/Dual, controller 1 = LMS IP and Master VRRP
    • AP concerned : AP125


The same Access Point appears twice in the controller with the "show ha ap table" command, once normally and another with the controller's IP address, and the SL status .

  • This behaviour appears for a different AP for each controller.


Apparently, these AP do not use two licences (only 1), and they are not seen twice with the "show ap active" and "show ap database" commands.


  • On the controller (show ha ap table) :

 AP-PP89   00:24:6c:c3:c4:a3  LU

AP-PP89  00:24:6c:c3:c4:a3  SL



  • On the controller (show ha ap table) :

 AP-CH306  00:24:6c:c5:4f:2b  SL

AP-CH306   00:24:6c:c5:4f:2b  SLU       H



What do you thik of that ? I did not find anything related on the release notes.


Thanks for your help.


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Re: Duplicate AP with controller IP address

Could be a cosmetic issue. Please open a TAC case
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