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Enable a controller license in AOS8.5

I upgraded a 7005 controller from AOS 6.4 to AOS 8.5 standalone mode. I can't enable the licenses using the CLI command "license-pool-profile-root" even in the /mm directory. The command is not supported. It works with the GUI but I have lots of controllers and prefer CLI.  I would appreciate any advice on how to use CLI if possible or why it's not possible.


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Re: Enable a controller license in AOS8.5

From the (MM) [mynode]# prompt or if this is a standalone or MCM controller, you should be able to simply add the license by using the following command from the CLI prompt of the MM, standalone, or MCM master.


# license add <paste license key here)


You can then see the licenses using the following command

(MM) [mynode]# show license


I hope this helps,

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