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Enabling ETH1 on an Aruba 109 RAP

Hey Guys,


I have a scenario where im trying to deploy a RAP to an off-site location.


I need to disable both radios to prevent any wireless connectivity to the RAP as only ethernet connectivity is only required ( User will be directly connecting to it )


I have disabled both radios using the below commands, which was successfull.


dot11a-radio-profile "shutdown"

dot11g-radio-profile "shutdown"


Is there another command i need to put in to enable the Enet1 port on the RAP? As when i connect via ethernet, i cannot seem to browse any sites, although i can ping successfully. I can also see that the RAP is getting the correct IP from DHCP


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance :)

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Re: Enabling ETH1 on an Aruba 109 RAP



It is possible and very simple,


before that you should ensure that RAP is up and formed IPSec with the LMS.


you can check by using command.

1. show ap active

2. show datapath tunnel

3. show crypto ipsec sa


once you confirm please follow the bellow steps,



you can configure eth-port of RAP/ CAP through " wired-ap-profile"  under,


AP-group-->AP-->Ethernet interface 1 port configuration.


Note : don't make any changes in deault profile if it is mapped to eth 0 port.



create a new wired ap profile and map it to the port which you want to use.



Eg :


(Aruba3200) (config) #ap wired-ap-profile myprofile

(Aruba3200) (Wired AP profile "myprofile") #wired-ap-enable

(Aruba3200) (Wired AP profile "myprofile") #trusted

(Aruba3200) (Wired AP profile "myprofile") #switchport mode access

(Aruba3200) (Wired AP profile "myprofile") #switchport access vlan 10

(Aruba3200) (Wired AP profile "myprofile") #forward-mode tunnel


this is an example, please modify according to your requirement.


Hope you got some clarity, please feel free for any further help on this :)



Venu Puduchery


Venu Puduchery,
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