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Equivalent model for Ruckus AP...

Hi, can anyone tell me which aruba ap is equivalent the ruckus ap below, thanks in advance!

1. Ruckus R310

2. Ruckus R500

3. Ruckus H320


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Re: Equivalent model for Ruckus AP...

Maybe you could expand and check the Product Finder on this website to find a suitable AP for the Ruckus APs.




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Re: Equivalent model for Ruckus AP...

R310 = Aruba AP-303 (lower cost, lower capacity) or 305 (slightly higher cost but far better performing for larger client loads)

R500 = Same as above, but if you need two ethernet interfaces for a ceiling mounted AP, you would want the AP-325

H320 - AP-303H if this is for hospitality use case 

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