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Extend Wireless Network

We have a remote office that I need to slightly extend the wireless network in and I was hoping to get some guidence.  I am not a network person, so please excuse blatently ignorant statements.


We have a 3600 controller and the RAPs we using are primarily the RAP-5WN's.  I believe I only need to add a single access point to the office I'm referring to.


I know the information I've provided is somewhat sparce, but I will provide any info that someone needs (just don't know what else to provide).


Thanks in advance,




Re: Extend Wireless Network

You can talk to the partner or Aruba sales team to get some specific help in your situation.  If this office already has a RAP5, then adding a second one won't really be a best practice.  RAPs are meant to be a single installation and not multiple RAPs per site in your case.  


Now, if this is another office, then a RAP may work for you.  If it's just basic wireless, consider an Aruba Instant AP.

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Re: Extend Wireless Network

Thanks for the info! Appreciate the fast reply.

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