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Factory Reset AP-367-US?

Hey All,


 We recently recieved a AP-367-US to try out on our network from our Vendor. I'm not seeing the AP come up on our 6.5 controller like I should. I tried adding the DHCP Options to our DHCP Server as well and no dice.


 I  can ping the AP but nothing seen on the controller.


 I was hoping to factory default it but it looks like I need a USB Micro to RS232?


 Any other way to do it?


 I see a button to press inside the unit, but appears to only disable the LED indicator light.


Any help would be much appreciated!



Re: Factory Reset AP-367-US?

Hey, you should be able to reset via the reset button.


Reset Button
To reset the 360 Series access points to factory default settings, press and hold down the reset button using a small, narrow object such as a paper clip while the device is powered on. 



Can you confirm the exact version you are running, this maybe a Unified AP which has a slightly different boot process.



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Re: Factory Reset AP-367-US?

Thanks! When i pressed the button for three seconds it turned off the LED and then i pressed it again and it turn back on the LED which orginally let me to believe it was some sort of useless Internal LED switch.


 After holding it for about 30 seconds or so (Not indicated on the instructions) the AP rebooted and I can now see it in the controller.

Re: Factory Reset AP-367-US?

Don't worry, i've done the same on other AP's! :D

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)

Re: Factory Reset AP-367-US?

Yup, in general the reset button doubles as an LED control toggle switch (normal/off).

For factory reset, either press it during power-up, or keep it pressed ">10s" while the AP is operational (but on most platforms much longer than that).

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