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Firmware Update after FTP Connection Slow...

Hi All.


The controller was using existing firmware
I updated the Aruba OS firmware to
Users say they are still using, downloading, and uploading Internet, but they are only slow in accessing FTP.
I want to know if you have a similar case.
If I had done that, I would like to know how.

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Re: Firmware Update after FTP Connection Slow...

Is the FTP server onsite or offsite?

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Re: Firmware Update after FTP Connection Slow...

FTP Sever is Onsite


FTP Connection Time Slow

Windows explorer > Address Connetion 

Aruba OS > 1 Sec

Aruba OS > 5 Sec


I couldn't find any similar symptoms in the browser I informed you of.

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Re: Firmware Update after FTP Connection Slow...

Was this issue ever resolved?  I'm experiencing a similar issue (on where packet capture shows the first FTP SYN packet that the client sends isn't being ack'd.  The client retransmits the FTP SYN 3 seconds later, receives the ACK immediately and proceeds with the FTP login and transaction normally. This happens every time with every client. The issue does not present when the client is hard-wired into the same VLAN (same client IP).  Furthermore, we don't see this issue at other sites that hit the same FTP server, even those that cross the WAN (in the problem scenario, the FTP server is local to the site).  So we do not beleive this to be a problem with the server...appears to be a single-site "wireless" issue.

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