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Floor plan image compression

I have a high quality PDF of a building floor plan that when I open in Adobe PDF reader looks great. When I upload the floor plan to Aruba Airwave 8.2.3 VisualRF it seems it's compressed so much so that I can't read the room numbers. This makes placing AP's tough. I've also tried saving the file as a jpeg and uploading this but get the same result.Is there any way to turn down the compression or anything?

Re: Floor plan image compression

I would advise to just make the image a little smaller by editing it with some image editing software.

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Re: Floor plan image compression

I ran into this problem a couple years and found a software program to help with converting PDFs into high-quality PNG files. It's called "ImageMagick" - you'll also want the recommended GhostScript - http://imagemagick.sourceforge.net/http/www/windows.html

It's great for converting individual PDFs or in-bulk via command-line. I would experiment with some of the values in the following discussion - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6605006/convert-pdf-to-image-with-high-resolution

- Density - I tested various density values (some were too blurry/some were worse than a simple PDF to JPEG conversion) - but found good success at 600 - this does create larger files. I had tried 300 per the stackoverflow link - but I think had problems with that value.

- Rotate by - 90 degrees

- Trim excess space

- Flatten - remove transparency layers (I noticed without this some of my imports into Airwave would show up completely black)


Individual Conversion:

convert -density 600 -rotate -90 -trim -flatten <source-pdf>.pdf <dest-image>.png

Bulk Conversion

mogrify -density 600 -rotate -90 -trim -flatten -format png *.pdf


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