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Forwarding mode (tunnel/bridge) considerations with VOIP



I'm planning a VOIP-focused deployment, and had some questions around the limitations of each forwarding mode.


I've been looking around the forums here for a while but can only find very outdated information as to what is/isn't supported for each forwarding mode. Is there a more up-to-date summary available that anyone can point me to?


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Re: Forwarding mode (tunnel/bridge) considerations with VOIP

If you want detailed voice statistics, I would not consider bridge mode. There is very little visibility in that mode.

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Re: Forwarding mode (tunnel/bridge) considerations with VOIP

Thanks Colin. I know Lync/SFB Heuristics isn't supported on bridge mode either (but we aren't just doing Lync). Other than statistics/visibility, are there are any direct, service-affecting downsides to bridge mode? The customer may push back otherwise, as tunnel mode will require more controllers to be purchased, or for traffic to "trombone" the WAN links.

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