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Google Chromecast Provisioning Issue



We are having troubles with provisioning Google Chromecasts on our wireless network and was wondering if anyone else has seen this.


As a quick overview, we are end to end Aruba Wireless and ClearPass.  Any EAP-TLS capable device is allowed on our WPI-Wireless and eduroam networks.  When connecting this way, the ClearPass Endpoint record is flagged as being EAP-TLS capable.


We also have a WPI-Open unsecure network for media devices/game consoles/etc.  To be on the WPI-Open network, the device must be registered in our IPAM which then creates a ClearPass EndPoint and Guest Device.  Due to the magic of Aruba ClearPass, we are not allowing EAP-TLS flagged devices on WPI-Open. 


Then due to the voodoo – a much higher level of magic – of Aruba AirGroups, devices on one network can talk to the other without problem.  This has been proven with an AppleTV and iPhone – so it does work.

Enter the "Google Home" app on Android devices.  This app appears to communicate from the phone on WPI-Wireless to the Chromecast on WPI-Open during the provisioning process.  But near the end of the provisioning process, the Google Home app attempts to move the phone from WPI-Wireless to WPI-Open.  This operation is not supported in our environment so the process never completes despite the two devices seemingly being able to communicate.

I have been told that before the Google Home app – back when the app was the Chromecast app – you could provision a Chromecast and it would work flawlessly in this type of scenario.


Has anyone ever run into this problem the field?  How did you solve it?


Many thanks!



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Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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Re: Google Chromecast Provisioning Issue

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Re: Google Chromecast Provisioning Issue

Did you have any luck getting this to work? We have a similar issue on our network, and currently don't officially support Chromecast or Google Home.

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Re: Google Chromecast Provisioning Issue

Are you using AirGroup?

Which version of code?



Should work without issue.

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