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Guest Access on ArubaOS App note

Hi Everyone,


The new guest access on ArubaOS app note is available for download at http://www.arubanetworks.com/pdf/technology/AOS_GuestAcccess-AppNote.pdf

This App not explains the configuration  of guest access and Guest provisioning using the ArubaOS. It also includes the configuration of features such as walled garden, time range, bandwidth contracts and others that relate to guest networks. Please take a look at it if your trying to set up guest access.




Aruba Employee

Re: Guest Access on ArubaOS App note

This is an excellent document, thanks for sharing!  I have a few suggestions on how to improve it and make it more complete.


1.  Explain how a user can replace the default certificate with one of their own.


2.  Show the alternate guest configuration that utilizes local controllers and centralized guest controllers.  This configuration gives central guest account management, central captive portal management, does not require DHCP on every local controller, and does not require src-NAT.

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