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Help on implementation design


I am new to Aruba network. Upon searching i could find Aruba wireless products are reliable and feature rich so, i ordered 4x 105 Instant APs for my 4 storied building. I would like to have some design guidelines. Initially i set it up WPA2 AES security and it works fine. I have this following questions, i hope any ACPs or experts could help me.

- If I set up the RADIUS authentication, how people will be authenticated? Each time the users login to domain, they do need to authenticate to wireless also? or is it a single sign on?

- If users roam from floor to floor, What set up should i do to not to disturb the connectivity and avoid asking the password when meet the nearest new AP?

- How to find the management IP? I have not statically set the IP for managing the virtual controller. How can i find the IP to manage, is there any tool to find it?

- If the virtual controller AP is down or not functioning, another available AP will take over?


In general, what is the best practice of implementing IAP 105 in a 4 storied building to have optimum performance.


Thanks for your kind help.

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Re: Help on implementation design



You have quite a few questions :)  I'll try to answer a few of them. With radius authentication, I suspect many devices will cache the credentials so users will not have to reenter them periodically. You certainly would during the initial authentication but not again every 5 minutes for example.  If you enable roaming then users will be able to move from AP to AP (and between floors) without loss of  connectivity - assuming you have sufficient signal and coverage.


For the IP for management, I would think you either have to statically assign one or it will grab one via DHCP, If DHCP then you can look at your DHCP server and determine the IP used based on the MAC address of the AP.


Yes if the main AP that is controlling the other AP's goes down, one of the other AP's will take over to control the other AP's.



Hope that helps,



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