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Home AP Mounting & Enclosures - Aesthetics Very Important

Hi all, I've done several network implementations in large, very nice homes. One of the biggest difficulties that I face repeatedly is placing the AP's in a location that is not an eye-sore & still provides good RF coverage. The owners are very picky & unfortunately I end up having to stick the AP's in wood cabinets, closets or up in the attic. 


I would love to hear from others who have done simliar installations & hear about what enclosures or methods you've used to mount your AP's. I also have a need for some outdoor enclosures. I've been looking at a lot of different enclosures particularly TerraWave & Oberon, however they are geared more towards office installations. 

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Re: Home AP Mounting

Generally external antennas are used if aesthetics are a concern.

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Re: Home AP Mounting & Enclosures - Aesthetics Very Important

Bump. Any other thoughts or experience with this type of environment?

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