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Hotel Guest Room WAP Locations

For a new construction Hotel with 1 WAP planned for each guest room, and the mounting location is currently inside of the cabinet below the TV, that is made of hardwood. Two questions:

1. Is there any concern of the wood cabinet limiting Wi-Fi signal strength in this situation within the guest room? (Our preferred location is above the ceiling, but the Interior Designer doesn't want another Access Panel)

2. With the WAP mounted at 36" above the floor, would a ceiling-mount style WAP still provide resonable coverage without the room? (Looking at something like AP207)

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Re: Hotel Guest Room WAP Locations

The only way to find out is to test....  There are a number of variables here like size and materials in the room...

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Re: Hotel Guest Room WAP Locations

Consider also the AP-205H, which is designed for wall mount use at a low mounting point: The antenna pattern is slightly up and out into the room in front of the AP. They also can provide a wired ethernet option, if you want. 


Your designer might allow these in place of a standard single gang junction box plate out in the room, rather than tucked into the TV cabinet.

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