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How does BCMC optimization work, exactly?

Hi.  We work at a small college and are designing our wireless network implementation using Aruba equipment.  The question we can't seem to find the answer to is "how does BMC optimization work?".  We are all Cisco techs, so we understand ACLs, traffic filtering & shaping, QoS priorities, etc, but have not been able to find a technical Aruba document describing technically how this function works in Aruba. Is it a filtering mechanism like ACLs that permits certain bcasts (like DHCP & mDNS and filters everything else) or is it a throttling process that sets bcast priority and bandwidth reservation to zero?  Or is it something entirely different?   It would be nice to see a process diagram, as well, so we can get an image of where the throttling/dropping/passing of BCMC traffic occurs.  Thanks to anyone who can help!

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Re: How does BCMC optimization work, exactly?

More like an ACL.

Bcmc-optimization is a VLAN interface-based knob that drops all bcast/mcast traffic (except for ARP, DHCP, VRRP, IPv6 RA and NS) on the VLAN, before any ACL can be applied. It stops the flooding to other wired ports and eth tunnels - this is also useful to stop flooding of spilt-tunnels to RAPs.

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Re: How does BCMC optimization work, exactly?

Thanks for the quick reply.  Based strictly on destination MAC?  At the controller or actually at the user connection at the AP?

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