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How does metal ceiling affect AP103

Hey there airheads!

We're doing a deployment in a warehouse, currently we're planning to use AP103s. We have a challenge where we have to put the APs in locations where the forklifts won't accidentaly run into the APs. 

We are currently exploring an alternative where we put APs on the celing or on the beams, the problem is that both the ceiling and the roof are made of metal and from what I've read metal surfaces can cause RF problems when an AP is mounted on it .

My question is, have anyone placed AP103s directly on metal and what are the results, if not do you think it will be an issue to place them on metal beams and on the metal ceiling? 

We are talking a low density enviroment, max 1-5 clients per AP.


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Re: How does metal ceiling affect AP103

It should not be a problem if you have a small standoff between the access point and the metal and the AP is pointing down, away from from the metal..

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Re: How does metal ceiling affect AP103

Thanks for the reply! 

Hopefully we'll do a great deployment and get another satisfied customer :)

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