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How to change am-mode to ap-mode



I don't need Air Monitor in my environment and select ap-mode in Radio Profile but 3 of my AP-61 become air monitor, while AP-105 work in proper ap-mode. how i can change AP-61 air-monitor to AP

controller is A-200 with OS v.



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Re: How to change am-mode to ap-mode

Under the ARM profile, do you have "Mode-Aware ARM" disabled?


Also, you don't have any specific ap-name configurations that are overriding your ap-group config, do you? You can run "show ap config ap-name <ap_name>" to see from which profiles it is getting its RF configuration.

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Re: How to change am-mode to ap-mode

You may also want to check to see if you have any AP Specific configurations set for the AP-61's.  They would be listed by AP Name in the configuration file near the bottom.  When set the parameters there override the global profiles for the AP Group they are a member of.

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Re: How to change am-mode to ap-mode

The will be 2 radio profiles in VAP, one for 802.11a and one for 802.11g so make sure both are set to a profile which has the correct ap-mode set.


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