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How to configure local DHCP

I have deployed Aruba wireless solution in distributed enviornment. Equipment includes of Aruba 7205 Mobility Controller, Aurba AP-205 Wireless Access Point,Aruba Instant AP-275 Outdoor Access Point and Policy Manager(CPPM, 5K HW Appliance).

Controller is placed in Data Center(say site A) and APs are installed in eight(8) different locations. Does anyone advice, that how to make configuration that AP takes local IP and does not go to controller for each task/service/command. Means only control traffic goes to controller, and data traffic routing should be lcoally managed and user should take IP locally.

In present, APs are working tunnel mode.


Regards, Farooq Khan



Re: How to configure local DHCP

You already gave your answer: "at present, APs are using tunnel mode". This means al traffic will first go to the controller. Change that to "bridge mode" and all traffic will remain locally. 


You will need to have control-plane security enabled for this.

Koen (ACMX #351 | ACDX #547 | ACCP)

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