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How to find owner of an AP

I bought a AP on EBay.

It seems the seller isn't the owner of the AP, because he can't erase it if Aruba central. 

If i connect the AP to the web, the AP kicked me out of the configuration site. 


Thank you you for helping me. 


Re: How to find owner of an AP

There is no configuration on the AP which you can erase to remove it from Central. If you log a ticket with Aruba TAC they can verify the owner and remove from Aruba Central if required.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)

Re: How to find owner of an AP

Console into the AP, do a factory_reset  command, this will stop the AP looking for a particular address and delete all its settings.


It will then broadcast the SSID 'instant', connect to this, open a web browswer and login with admin & admin.


You can then configure the AP as you see fit.


Good luck!



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