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How to install the Aruba IAP with an existing wifi network?

Hi everyone,


I'm completely new at this and I got the aruba networks 225 series from someone in the IT department of my work to enhance the signal of the wifi in the office, this person is no longer with the company and I have no support other than this board to get answers to install this thing. We have only 5 people in the office and most of them are connected directly to the internet via ethernet cable, but two Mac computers (one is an imac and the other one is a mac book pro laptop) drop the wifi singnal every so ofter out of the blue, which is becoming frustrating when trying to send emails or in the middle of a skype conference call. We have a regular wifi router (Belkin), seems to be working fine but the IT person told me that  this Aruba IAP will help with the signal issues of the mac compuers. My question now is how do I set it up? I know computers a little bit not enough to get this thing going on my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you



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Re: How to install the Aruba IAP with an existing wifi network?


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