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How to keep the DSCP value coming from the client?

Hey guys!


I'm sitting in a PoC and the requirement from the customer is to keep the DSCP marking coming from the client. But what we can see, the DSCP value is removed after leaving the controller. Wireshark on the sending client....DSCP set to 46! Wireshark on the receiving client shows no DSCP value.


I can configure an ACL to remark the traffic which is working fine, but I would need to map the value based on the incomming traffic. So a packet coming with DSCP 26 should be marked with DSCP 26, a packet with DSCP 46 should leave the controller marked with DSCP 46....and so on! Idependently from source/destination IPs or protocols! I can't find a way to configure it.


And a second question, it looks like the outside marking in the GRE protocol seems to be always one class lower than the packet inside the tunnel. But I would suppose that the value is just mirrored to the outside GRE packet...!?


Every help on this would be very much appreciated!!





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Re: How to keep the DSCP value coming from the client?

In the SSID profile, you can override the default DSCP mappings by enabling the WMM-Override-DSCP-Mapping parameter:





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Re: How to keep the DSCP value coming from the client?



Thanks for the answer, but this is just for the outer GRE packet! And it is hard to figure out what value is translated to what! We've sent traffic with dscp 46 and it was classified as video!


Is there any list to see which dscp value is matched to the four configureable classes?