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How to migrate insight db to another node

I have a cluster with several nodes running 6.6.5. Insight master is running from a subscriber node and the backup is on my current publisher. I've installed a new dedicated node which will be my new publisher and
where I want to run the insight service. Is there anything I have to take care before I change the insight service? Will I lose my current insight db with this operation ?

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Re: How to migrate insight db to another node



Do you want to add the newly installed node to current cluster or it is just a standalone server which will not be a part of cluster.


If it a single standalone server and want insight database on this server then you need to take the backup of publisher with insight check and restore.


If you want to add newly installed server to cluster then first add the server to the cluster, make sure all the configuration and insight data  got syncnorized before you disable the insight on current subscriber and enable it on new server.


We could check the insight database on new server to confirm whether data got syncroinzed or not before disabling the insight option on subscriber.


I would recommand to open TAC ticket to perform this task.




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