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IAP 104 AP is not working with Mesh function

Hello guys,


i have big troubles with my Wirless Lan Network, i have two IAP´s 104 one of the IAP is as Mesh.

I have the connection between the Access Points, (5ghz; channel 36) is on the IAP so configerd.

The distance of the IAP´s are 100meter.


My problem is, i just can see the SSID on my Notebook, but i can not see it, if you put on the WIFI on a Iphone, or IPAD, or Android.

The antenna on the IAP 104 on the 5GHz is (AP-ANT18 /7db ); on the 2,4GHz is a 9db circular antenna.

The signal on my Notebook ist perfect, but on the mobile devices are very bad. I think the problem is on the 2,4GHz channels, but i´m not sure.


Has anybody got an Idea, or the same, or maybe a simular problem?

Has anybody a config file, or a description how to mesh with a IAP 104.




Please Help me it´s very important.


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