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IAP 105 power level chart

Question..  is there a heat map type chart (or any chart for that matter) that shows what kind of coverage an IAP105 can give based on configured power levels...  assuming the AP is mounted in nice controlled environment, connected to a perfect client...  perfect scenerio..     for example.. 


I'm looking for something like..  if the AP is set to powerlevel 17, then you would have maximum connection and speed to that perfect client for about a 50 foot radius..  Im realize that these figures could be way wrong, but I was just creating an example..  


Any such chart?



Re: IAP 105 power level chart




There is Aruba tool for it:


VisualRF will do it for.

U can choose AP105 as your deployed AP and then configure the transmit power/and more!


Read here:






have a gr8 night.



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Re: IAP 105 power level chart

Thanks..  I was hoping for a real easy at a glance type chart..   But I have VisualRF and I will take a look.  

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