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IAP-105 with Multiple Radius on other Vlan

Hi there,


We are wokring on a Wi-Fi test case.

Is it possible to Get on the IAP-105 Multiple Radius connections that are on other Vlan's ?


Like a student network on Vlan 3 with radius

And a Teachers network on Vlan 1 With radius


Both have a own SSID


Is this possible ? 
We don't have a controller.



Re: IAP-105 with Multiple Radius on other Vlan

Let me see if understand correctly

You want one radius server for Students and you want a different Radius server for Teachers.

If that so yes its possible...

When you creating the SSID on security tab you put WPA2 Enterprise and well select the RAdius for that Virtual AP


Why you want to do that?

Or did i get what you want to do wrong?

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