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IAP 93, 11b/g/n LED is amber (orange) permanently

Hi everyone, 

i reset the IAP 93, and it get the ip address from the switch layer 3 (dhcp enable). 
the 11b/g/n is green and INSTANT appear on the list of availible wireless network, after a few minute the led 11b/g/n switch to orange color and instant disappear. 

so i need ur help to resolve thi problem. 


Re: IAP 93, 11b/g/n LED is amber (orange) permanently

Connect a console cable and follow the boot process. (you will notice if it's getting an IP or not..
B. are there are more IAP on the same segment ? vlan? (these iAP'S are from same region RW / US ? )
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Re: IAP 93, 11b/g/n LED is amber (orange) permanently

exactly, i notice that the IAP get an ip adress.

B) i connect just one IAP in the switch which has a default VLAN.

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Re: IAP 93, 11b/g/n LED is amber (orange) permanently



It may be rebooting. you have to console the IAP and monitor for some time. you need to observe the master beacon messages. if possible please share the output of the boot messages, we can identify information related to your issue.


BTW, is the internet available to the IAP. if so it may be trying to contact the Aruba Central :)


if it is continuously rebooting there may be some issue with the hardware. 


Please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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