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IAP and CAP?

We have an IAP cluster in a remote office that users are reporting issues with on a specific SSID. Typically on a campus controller deployment I can just point a CAP to it and troubleshoot. Is it possible to point another IAP or CAP in a differnet location to join with this cluster for troubelshooting? I assume if so just point it to the currrent IAP that is the master.

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Re: IAP and CAP?

You'd need to have layer 2 connectivity between your lab IAP and the VC, probably better off grabbing the config and standing up a new IAP. At that point you can at least determine if it's a config issue, if it works fine in the lab then it points to the network / client.

Marcus Wehmeyer
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Re: IAP and CAP?

Figured that was the case but wanted to make sure, appreciate it!

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