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Hi all, can someone shed some light on this ?


IAP 105 cluster, I want to use static vlan assignment for a number of SSID's.

So trunk the relevant vlans to the VC, will need to do this on all IAP's as the VC may fail.


When a client hits an ssid on a non VC ap does it GRE tunnel the traffic back to the VC as in a controller based solution ? ie do all clients ultimately need to hit the VC ?




Re: IAP and GRE

No!  The only time that the client's traffic will hit the VC is if:


1. You are using Virtual controller assigned for IP addressing

2. You are using IAP+VPN functionality on that VLAN


If it's just a static VLAN ID(s), then yhe traffic is dropped off locally on the APs wired port.

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