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IAP cluster member reboot at same time

Hi All,


I would need some advice from the experts at here regarding an IAP cluster consist of 9 AP.


The end user network is a flat network with 9 AP installed at different location accross the factory. The AP is just being power up without any configuration like SSID broadcasting except we have configured fix IP on all the AP's.


However there's a weird scenario which is all the 9 AP will reboot at the same time, it will come back up after a while and this process are keep on repeating. 


Initially i'm thinking of due to there's no master controller being elected so i have setup the Virtual controller and elect 1 of the AP as the master, unfortunately it still didn't solve the issue.


Would very appreacite if any one at here can share their solutions with me if they have face this Before.


Best regards,

Darrow Ooi



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Re: IAP cluster member reboot at same time

 You could have an ip address conflict.  You should SSH into one of the access points and type "show version" to see why it rebooted.  IAPs are designed to really have DHCP addresses.  You could set a static Virtual IP address that you could use to manage all of the access points, even when they all have dhcp addresses.

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Re: IAP cluster member reboot at same time

Good day Colin,

Thanks for the tips.


We have confirmed there's no conflict on the IP. Also base on the recent reboot, we get these info through the show below 


Reboot Time and Cause: AP rebooted Tue Sep 26 10:31:24 UTC 2017; VC cmd at uptime 0D 0H 17M 28S: UAP discovery reboot


We have an IAP being setup as well but seems still not resolve the issue.


Can some one further explain why could this happen?


Best regards,

Darrow Ooi

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