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IAP mesh config with PoE or cable connection problem

Hi everyone!

We have in our office 2 IAP-105 and there is another small office just 100 meters ahead near our main office.

In that small office, clients mostly connect with wired cables.

So the task is quite simple - connect these two office's with wi-fi. In that small office instant AP connect's directly to wired switch, to make wired clients happy :)

I made an mesh connecting between these IAP's and everything was fine until i've pluged cable from wired switch to that IAP (IAP that is in small ofiice). It just droped the mesh connection and became working as AP. It there any solution to make my IAP work as mesh AP with cable connection pluged in?

Thank's in advance!


Aruba Employee

Re: IAP mesh config with PoE or cable connection problem

IAP do not support bridge mode. A mesh point (as opposed to the mesh portal) cannot have a network cable plugged into it.

Zach Jennings
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