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IAP105 won't discover 620 running 6.3

Hello everyone,

I have a 620 controller running 6.3 and I have two IAP-105. I have them connected to the controller to get PoE and DHCP from a pool I created inside the 620. Both IAP are factory reset.

I can’t have them to boot up and find the controller for some reason. The DHCP pool is for vlan 55 the controlled ip address is which is the default gateway for my DHCP pool, ports 0-1 are on that vlan and going to the APs. I did cli purngeenv but still nothing. I have disabled the control plane security on the controller.

Any ideas on what is missing here?


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Re: IAP105 won't discover 620 running 6.3

IAPs don?t find controllers out of the box. If you are the RF coverage area of the IAP-105s, you should see an SSID called ?Instant?. Connect to it, login to the IAP gui (just open a browser and go anywhere? you will be redirected to the IAP GUI) using admin/admin (UID/PW) and go to the Maintenance tab. From there, you can tell the IAP cluster to convert to Campus AP managed by a controller and give it the 620?s address.
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Re: IAP105 won't discover 620 running 6.3

Thanks olino that's exactly what I was missing.

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