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IGMP and Multicasting

Hi everyone,


I have a mix of IAP105's using the Virtual Controller setup and AP105's with an Aruba 3200 controller setup.


Rather than posting in two seperate forums I thought I would just post here as I hope this question will have the same answers?


I am about to deploy IGMP throughout our networking infrastructure to allow multicasting applications namely Symantec Ghost to function correctly throughout the working day without storming the switches and affecting other clients.


What is the Aruba's default policy in regards to multicasting and IGMP?


In other vendors these are both disabled so that multicast traffic doesn't flood the wireless network however we have a requirement to allow an application called LanSchool to access all clients including wireless ones and it does this via multicast packets so we could really do to enable multicast on the wireless network but I only want to do this if I can enable IGMP too so as not to flood the entire network.


Is this achievable?


I'm bad for using a thousand words when 2 will do so in short:


What is the default policy for Multicast and IGMP

Can these be enabled and if so how?





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Re: IGMP and Multicasting

the controllers support IGMP proxy and IGMP snooping. I think IGMP v1 and v2 are supported.

The IGMP snooping option is under the VLAN interface enables the controller to listen to IGMP messages and build the IGMP membership table used to forward the multicast traffic.


You should use either IGMP proxy or snooping.


check page 502 on 6.1 use guide.

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Re: IGMP and Multicasting

Thanks for the reply.


Our mobility controllers have this option but unfortunately it looks like our IAP infrastructure is on a revision too low to offer these options (


In the meantime before I upgrade all of our IAP's if I were to enable IGMP on our switching infrastructure then surely this would stop multicast traffic passing to the switchports that the AP's are connected to?


This will address our primary issue with not being able to ghostcast throughout the working day and the LANschool issue is a minor issue that could wait until I got round to upgrading our IAP's.


Thanks again,



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