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IGMP max-members-per-group

We are having some issues with IGMP. For some reason we hadn't had IGMP snooping on, but now we do, which is a good thing.
Now however we are maxing out our members per group (set to 300) We have a case open (1274977) Specifically this is on the mDNS group
We were told not to increase this limit.
What is the effect of hitting this limit? Does the switch flood after this point? or only send to those currently in the table? How are clients added/removed?
We keep getting this error :
<pim 204203>  <ERRS> |pim|  Could not add IP multicast group member
<pim 204299>  <ERRS> |pim|  Could not add member 00:03:4c:10:62:d6 to IP multicast group (,, limit of 300 per group reached
Thank you

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Re: IGMP max-members-per-group

Apparently you can increase this but only in ArubaOS 6.1 and above:


(Aruba) (config) #ip igmp
(Aruba) (config-igmp) #max-members-per-group <new-maximum>


I personally do not know the ramifications of increasing it past this number....






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Re: IGMP max-members-per-group

TAC got back to me on this.


Once the limit of 300 is reached new clients will not be allowed to join that multicst group. 

Increasing that size is not recommended as it will increase the flooding of traffic (no report on what it would do to the controller)

Not sure how clients are removed though you can clear them by issuing a clear ip igmp group maddr <mcast_address>