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IP mobility with two controllers using same subnet?

We have a site in which 4 building are close together in a row and mobility is enabled.  

The first two buildings are using the same Subnet/Vlan for WiFi-VoIP.  My question is, should IP mobility be enabled on the first building of the this chain when it's on the same subnet/vlan as the second building?




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Re: IP mobility with two controllers using same subnet?

How are the clients going to roam? 



For building 1 & 2 as clients share same subnet/vlan, you can't really enable IP mobility (L3 mobility), as in the mobility HAT table, you can't put same subnet with two home agent.


However, if client roams from building 1 to building 3 or 4, in that case you need IP mobility.


In ideal scenario, I would expect all 4 bulidings have different subnet, thus you can enable L3 mobility. 

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