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Initial setup of an 203RP

Anyone know where the documentation for setting these things up is? Checked the support portal and that was a waste of time. No docs in the box. Doesn't appear to come up like an IAP so I am not sure how to access it to configure it

Aruba Employee

Re: Initial setup of an 203RP

The HW installation guide can be found here.



AP-203RP come with unified image. When the AP first boots while running the manufacturing image, it enters the controller/Instant discovery process. This process allows the AP to determine if it will become a controller-based (ArubaOS image) or controller-less AP (Instant image). first it wil look for a controller and if does not get a response it will begin Instant discovery.

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Re: Initial setup of an 203RP

Thanks for the info. RIght about when I posted this it came up in IAP mode LOL. I was just impatient. 

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