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Is it Wireless or Internet that is sooo slow

... I get this often, users reporting slow internet so to confirm if its wireless or internet i work on getting the the user to connect to the local lan, then run speed test. Most of the time its a pain because lack of remote it support, ethernet dongles or even ethernet ports.


So i come across "perf-test" on the controllers, and thought great i can setup an iperf server on the internet and away you go. This works great!

The issue i have is for my controller-less offices, that have RAPs running in bridge mode, when executing "perf-test client start ap ap-name ...... <public-ip>" its sending the perf test down the tunnel instead of the bridge port, which is probably to be expected.

Is there a way to force it out of the bridge port? The only method that comes to mind is if i can send a static route to the AP in question.. Is that possible?


Or am i going about this the wrong way?


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