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Issue: high channel utilization / too many clients on radio

We are facing problems on the network, clients don't get their IP form lan dhcp directly, or it was an issue.


We see one AP with 'issues' reported in Airwave.


The AP, has max 16 clients on the 5Ghz radio, non on the 2.4ghz radio. AP is an IAP215. So capacity enough. In the office space we have 16 ap's so capacity enough..


What can cause the problem, refering to attached screenshots?



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Re: Issue: high channel utilization / too many clients on radio

This is an Airwave setting to alert you if there is more than 14 clients on a radio or channel utilization is more than 60% and it is arbitrary.  The 14 clients number and the 60% number can be adjusted.  Of course an access point can handle more than 14 clients and an access point can have utilization higher than 60% and still work.   To deal with the higher channel utilization, most likely, you would need to do something like (1) go to 20 mhz channels (2) turn down the maximum transmit power on the Ghz band by 3 dbm or (3) broadcast fewer SSIDs..

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