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Issue with drop broadcast and multicast traffic

Hi all,


Initially i had lot of issues with client connectivities, then to increase the peroformance i have enabled drop broadcast and multicast option in WAP profile.


Now as i enable that option, i am unable to print from IPAD. Printer and IPAD are in different subnets. As MAC OS uses mDNS for discovery process. Now i need to disable drop broadcast and multicast  option.


Now i am worried, if i disable that option. i guess there would be vlan flooding ?? how to achieve printing without having lot of broadcast and multicast traffic??????

Re: Issue with drop broadcast and multicast traffic

Yes, "Enabling broadcast-filter all broadcast-filter arp" will also drop any multcast which includes your mdns traffic.

Find the screen shot for the same.


You could still enable the "convert broadcast arp request to unicast " converting arp request to unicast.





May i know the size of your VLAN? What is the uplink configuration on the controller?

You can write the acl to drop the other broadcast traffic like SSDP, netbios allowing mdns and any other traffic which we need.




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Re: Issue with drop broadcast and multicast traffic

my vlan size is /24 and in the uplink to the controller is 10G


interface gigabitethernet 1/1
description "GE1/1"
trusted vlan 1-4094
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan's

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Re: Issue with drop broadcast and multicast traffic



I have disabled drop multicast and broadcast option, now ipad is detecting the printer. But it is detecting sometimes. sometimes its showing cannot find air printers . :(

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Re: Issue with drop broadcast and multicast traffic

There are some additional options available in the latest releases.  The airgroup feature allows you to use the controller to limit mDNS (bonjour) as well as allows you to forward it across vlans.  I have not implemented this yet but my understanding is you can enable the drop broadcast/multicast and enable airgroup and you will be able to see the printers from the ipad on a different subnet. A sample airgroup pdf link is included below.








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