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Issues terminating RAP-2 to controller running AOS

Hello All,


Has anyone run into any issues terminating RAP-2 to a controller running AOS RAP-3 and RAP-5 work fine but the RAP-2 either crashes with a out of memory error (TAC says memory error was fixed but still happens), or it upgrades but never contacts the controller again. The RAP-2 was working perfectly fine on AOS but when upgrading to (To gain RAP-3 support) the RAP-2 stop working. 


In thinking that maybe the upgrade to caused some bug with our configuration. I stood up a new 3200 series controller with But I am still unable to terminate RAP-2 to the controller yet RAP-3 work fine. The configuration on this controller is as basic as I could make it, just enough to get a RAP to terminate. 



Thanks in advance!


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Re: Issues terminating RAP-2 to controller running AOS


Just upgraded my controllers from 6.1 to last week.  All RAP2, 3, 5 came up and working fine.


I provisioned all my RAPs using certificate.  You could try go to Whitelist in Configuration, AP installation, delete the RAP-2 in question, and create a new one.



~Trinh Nguyen~
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