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Kramer VIA GO Collaboration - University

Was curious if anyone's has experience with the Kramer VIA Go collaboration box - https://www.kramerav.com/product/VIA%20GO - and how they're been working out.


They're starting to grow in popularity across campus (wired connectivity) with wireless clients and we've recently been asked for assistance with connecting the box themselves over wireless as well. A concern I have is with the additional airtime consumed from mirroring. They're really nice devices in our conference rooms and we're also looking into Airgroup integration next year as a possibility.

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Re: Kramer VIA GO Collaboration - University



I might sound boring now but I´d keep screen sharing devices that doesn´t move around connected with wire. Streaming something from a wireless client to a wireless device and with people joined in via collaboration wirelessly will consume so much airtime.


With that said, if you don´t have the possibility to connect them with a wire, or just don´t want to, you can definately make it work all wireless with proper wifi design.



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Re: Kramer VIA GO Collaboration - University

Hi Christoffer,


Not boring at all. That would be our preference as well for the reasons you stated. One of the support groups had posted to our listserv about connecting to our 802.1x network. Let them know about our airtime concerns as well as inquiring about the locations they're looking at. Going to do some testing with their device and get some more information.

Thank you for the input.


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