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L3-MM redudancy

Is there any pre-emption mechanism in L3 MM redundancy?

Generally, we use VRRP for L2 redundancy and IPSec tunnel for L3 redundancy.

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Re: L3-MM redudancy

If you have both MM in the same L2 domain - you do not need to configure L3 MM redundancy I think.


What are you trying to gain from L3 if you have L2 redundancy through VRRP already ?

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Re: L3-MM redudancy



If both MM's are down due to some Datacenter issues, So i planned to configure 3 rd MM in DC2 and i want do failover ?

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Re: L3-MM redudancy

L3 MM Primary will pre-empt once it is available again has been my experience. L3 Failover Secondary will take over after about 15 minutes. 


Re: L3-MM redudancy

Some quick terminology. In L3 MM redundnacy, there is a Primary and Secondary. If Primary goes down, secondary will go active after 15min (as noted by phevi0). However, the Secondary MM will be read only (which means you will not be able to make config changes on the MCs reporting up to the Secondary MM). This is to prevent split brain MM in case the Primaries are down to one set of controllers but not to another in a different region. You can manually promote the secondaries to primary if you know the primaries are down hard and you need to make config changes, but that means you need to mark the down primaries as secondaries when they come back up.


If the primaries are down for a short period of time (day or two) and you leave the Secondary MMs as is, then when the primaries come back the MCs will go back.

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