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LLDP and 2960x Cisco Switches

I have just installed 800 303H aps.  On some 2960 switches (all the same version of code and same model) the 303's come up with no issue.


On some, 1 building in particular, while doing a show LLDP neighbor..


I dont get alot of "W" fields populated under capabilities.


Further, these AP's (lacking the W) show up on the controller with a "D" (dirty).


Any one have any work arounds?  Thoughts?  I see that Cisco and aruba have had some similar issues on the boards..but not smoking gun/clean fix.


I am running Cisco  15.2(2)E5.. supposedly has an existing patch for LLDP on this version.  WS-C2960X-48FPD-L   is my switch model.


Aruba I am running

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Re: LLDP and 2960x Cisco Switches

I am not sure about the LLDP.  Dirty indicates a connectivity issue between the AP and the controller.

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