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Layer 7 Firewalling

I have a very remote site with an extremely slow WAN connection (due to its location) to the Head Office so I want to utilise layer seven firewalling to drop non-essential traffic heading up the WAN.   The only firewall is currently at the head office so the PEF will act as the firewall for wireless clients at the remote site.


My question is can this be achieved at the moment?  I understand that the forthcoming AOS 6.4 has this functionality but our customer wants the wireless solution to be deployed ASAP and I understand that AOS 6.4 is not due until December, which is going to be too late for our customer.

Re: Layer 7 Firewalling

Is L7 really needed then?  What are the requirements for the connection to the WAN?

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Re: Layer 7 Firewalling

The only Internet connection is at Head Office so I want to drop all the rubbish traffic (third party application traffic, for example) before it hits the WAN link.

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