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License suppport question

Okay when we are quoting a solution i have these items



I supppose this support is when the Wireless controller die you will get the replacement for it, and if you dont have it you will not get a replacement



This is the same thing up but for the APs



These support license what they do?


Okay i dont know if im right but can someone please explain me those support and what they do?

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Re: License suppport question

Generally speaking (and I don't work directly for Aruba), my understanding is that these are mandatory costs to entitle you to ring up Aruba TAC and log cases.


I tend to think of it like this (and I'm over simplifying it)...


The support for the controller is for hardware swapping, the support for software is for assistance with the software (bugs/config).




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Re: License suppport question

I belive it is license support !! and almost it cost very little amount compared with other two. I belive all are related to replacement, that if your unit got faulty you will have next day replacement and TAC support also. But for LIC its license support but the question is if I have all licenses you mentioned except the Next-Day LIC, How my support will be affected ?



Re: License suppport question

  Here is the asnwer for this question from Aruba TAC


Yes, if you purchase support for any devices (AP’s / controller) we will replace the unit if it got faulty. However the support for license is used, if you need any assistance regarding the licenses like Transferring, Reassigning  & finding the missing license


So it seems they wont replace you  AP if you don thave this support warranty up to date.... and well i didn tknow about hte license support....


After this we are renewing all our custumers supports...


This is  agood info to know so i though in posting it here.




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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