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Licensing Issue for RAP-2WG

I recently purchased a RAP-2WG and RAP License (LIC-1-RAP). When I attempt to add the license to my 3200 controller, I get the error:


"License key for feature Remote Access Points is not supported for ArubaOS".


How do I add the license to the 3200 controller?



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Re: Licensing Issue for RAP-2WG

In ArubaOS 5.x and above, RAP licenses have been replaced by regular AP licenses.  RAPs are no longer licenses separately.


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Re: Licensing Issue for RAP-2WG

If you are running 5.x or 6.x, the RAP license is no longer needed.  RAPs and CAPs both share the same AP licenses.  Prior to 5.x, you needed RAP licenses for RAPs and AP licenses for Campus APs.

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Re: Licensing Issue for RAP-2WG

I see, apparently Aruba Licensing will still e-mail the License Key for a RAP. The License Key that shows up when you activate it online is a different key which registered on the controller.


Thanks for the info.


Re: Licensing Issue for RAP-2WG

RAP licenses are still applicable for those deployments that are  pre 5.x.    There aren't many but they do still exist out there!

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Re: Licensing Issue for RAP-2WG

I'm not 100% sure it will be there, but you can go back into the licensing site, cilck on My Certificates, then drop down the box that says "Pre 5.0".  Change it to "Post 5.0" and see if the post 5.x license is listed there as an AP license.

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