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Limitation on Bridge forwarding mode!


What are the limitation if i select AP's forwarding mode as Bridge. Will QOS ,Firewall policies (web catagory or IP session based ACL's) work?


I have two different location connected through MPLS. I have 7210 controller placed  in both Location and I require that if location 1 controller goes down it should latch to location 2 controller and vice versa.I can see that in tunnel forwarding mode it can be a challlenge hence want AP's to work in bridge forwarding mode. Please suggest if bridge mode will have any limitations! 


Will centralized licensing work or i need to add additional licenses on both controller for failure AP;s

thanks in advance.

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Re: Limitation on Bridge forwarding mode!

Firewall policies will work, along with session-based acls.  Web Category and QOS will not work.

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Re: Limitation on Bridge forwarding mode!

If you really plan to use Bridge Mode (that you should avoid using unless no other solutions exist; tunnelling makes much more sense in pretty all cases), do not forget to enable Control Plane Security (CPsec).


A few bugs on Bridge Mode were fixed over the last year; pay close attention to the version you are using now as AOS is the minimum in the 6.4 series branch to be usuable.


Engage your Partner or Aruba Support center if you have any doubts or question about your implementation.


Re: Limitation on Bridge forwarding mode!

Other limitations are also outlined here

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