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Long-term handover history graph

I've been working on the front page - the handover tab - this week, with a few new ideas.  This is a view of the work-in-progress, if it is stable I'd like to release the next version in about a week.


The ping function and current channel in strips at the top were added last week.  The ping is directed at the 'default gateway' because that does not require user-intervention to configure the IP address.


The second graph on the page shows about 20 minutes of history, plotting the 'scan results' on a time scale.  The currently-associated AP is plotted in bold lines, the others in lighter lines and of course it shows new APs by BSSID on handovers.  I use a hash-function to make sure the same BSSID has the same colour everywhere, whether in the scan view or on the handover history graph, but that means sometimes two APs have the same colour.  If you use the setting for 'filter scan results' it won't show very many APs of course, just those advertising your currently-associated SSID.  The handover history graph scrolls left-right so you can go back in time.


I've also been trying to get log information from the Wi-Fi manager and supplicant to indicate when events such as scanning, 4-way handshake, etc. are logged.  A recent change in Android prevents one app from reading another app's logs for security reasons, so I'm just setting up listeners for various WifiManager alerts and parsing them to short-form text.  Because there's limited space on a phone screen, I make it a substitute for the scan list when you press the centre button.


The 'unstick' button is supposed to show how a less-sticky client will work better in an enterprise-class WLAN.  It sends a 'reassociate' command to the WifiManager.  What Android and the Wi-Fi driver do with this command is not completely clear, as I don't always see a 'DISCONNECTED' in the log following the button-press, but at least some of the time it results in the client choosing a new AP.  There's no BSSID-directed handover command in Android (that I can find, anyway - let me know if you have one!).


Here are a few screens. Let me know what you think - the UI is quite easy to change in Android.


 If you want a version to try/review/evaluate, send me an email at ctodeveloper.arubanetworks@gmail.com .  I'd post it here but Airheads doesn't like .apk attachments.












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