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Low Profile Outdoor Experience

Good day to all (whatever day it may be that you read this),


I'm looking for recommendations and/or pictures/stories of other outdoor installations in a low profile pedestal-like enclosure.  We were looking at using something similar to http://www.pedocpower.com/index.html with an AP mounted inside an some type of external antenna hidden in the shrubs near an outdoor eating area. 


If anyone has done something similar and has a recommended product I'd love to hear from you!





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Re: Low Profile Outdoor Experience

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Re: Low Profile Outdoor Experience

I love it! It's very subtle. Has anyone used a fake rock before in an installation? Do they hold up to abuse?

Re: Low Profile Outdoor Experience

I've worked with multiple customers to do camoflagued outdoor deployments. The plastic rock shells are good so long as you don't expect long range coverage. Additionally, not only does the shell attenuate the RF, but it being at ground level reduces RF propagation.

We've also worked with customers to put APs inside lighted pylons in corporate parking lots to serve as hidden security cams with wireless backhaul, etc (all of those were machined and built custom). 


As far as the rock abuse, they are not usually meant to be 'abused' (which I assume to mean walked/jumped on, etc). Those usually require specific fomulations of plastic of that they be made of fiberglass to support the extreme weight applied.

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